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Should be in bed...

So it was another long day running rats at the lab, helping out with a few surgeries, and then another meeting with Paul to go over histo. After that I went home and got a call from Amy, a psych grad student in my cohort I haven't managed to get in touch with for ages now. After a few days of playing phone tag, we finally go together, grabbed some dinner, and traded graduate student horror stories. It's a miracle to me that anyone finishes with a PhD quite frankly and that you don't open more papers to see stories of grad students run amok killing their advisors with ice picks. She shared with me a few zing-dingers of horror stories that people in the department she knows are going through and some of the situations were just hideous. Frankly, placed into some of the situations I heard about, I'm pretty sure I would have snapped, gone ape-shit and commited some constructive homicide by now. God knows the way things are going for me right now has sometimes pushed me close to the brink but I guess what I learned tonight is it could always be worse.

After I got back home I've spent most of my time tinkering with darken's NWN server and playing around. It seemed a lot more fun than I recall, playing the solor adventure by myself, and the horror of not having access to 'tumble' convinced me to order both expansions online. I'm spending money like it's water lately. Feh. Oh well. Shelley's making money hand over fist right now so I guess it's not a big deal. It's still sort of humiliating to be supported by your mom/little sister. If anyone wants to ease my guilty conscience, feel free to send money via paypal. I'll use it to offset my game purchasing expenses.

Tommorrow is another day of running rats at the lab and more surgeries. Feh. It never ends, even on the weekends. After that it's off to John's for yet another continuation of the sewar crawl that just wouldn't end.

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