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So we meet again, Rattus norvegicus

It's too early to be at the lab. Feh. Regardless, here I am and I just finished stuffing my rats into their boxes so now they're running around and I have a two hour break before their first injections. A couple of the lights in the locomotor chambers had burnt out so I had to replace them and I'm still baffled as to why whoever juryrigged this system didn't allow for more slack in the wires. At the moment, it's a tremendous pain in the ass to unscrew the light socket from the box, and usually involves trying to twist everything into a knot without breaking anything. On a plus side, none of the rats lost its head. When I was running them the day before yesterday I brushed/bumped one of their heads when it was in the bucket and his headcap came off. Bleh. I hate it when that happens. The rat wasn't too happy about it either. I guess when someone slices open your head, drills holes into your skull, sticks metal tubes into your brain, and then tries to glue the whole mess, and it then rips can't be pleasant. Welp, the upshot is I now have another brain sitting on my desk with a giant bloody lesion. It's going to take a miracle to get any proper histo out of that one I'm sure.

Another positive is that event listings are up at the gencon website. That's probaly what I'm going to spend a good chunk of my downtime between rat duties doing. It's always spiffy to see all the different events laid out before you with unvarnished anticipation. It seems they're running something like 1700 RPG events alone. Fun, fun, fun.

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