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Next Chicago Games Night

Welp, I just heard from oatie and things are much better. It seems her mom is "100% better" and will be heading home soon. She's interested in doing another game night soon, because as we all know, nothing lifts a person's spirits like games night. The date she suggested was the 22nd, which works perfectly for me since it's an offweek for my gaming group. I just wanted to check if that date is good with everyone (trip/candie pretty much, I'll PM kitty and frig separately since they haven't caught on to this LJ phenom yet) and if you had any preferences for games for me to bring.

Edited to add:

And woo and beef and spooky. And burnout too for that matter. Oatie just reminded me that I missed a heck of a lotta people. If everyone shows we're going to have to run seperate games. I think most everything I have will only handle up to 7 or so tops.

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