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New Books!

I went downstairs to the car to look for my cell phone and saw an amazon package waiting for me. Spiffyness. It has all the books I ordered a while back that was delayed because it was going to be some time before one of them was published as a paperback. I picked up:

Good Omens: A book about what happens if the anti-christ were born in the wrong place by Pratchett and friends.

Wind Walker: The third book in a triology started by elaine cunningham that took forever to come out. I remmeber reading the first book of this series when I was in early college. This book took at least half a decade to make it to print for some reason.

Insurrection and Condemnation: Book 2 and 3 of the war of the spider queen series that's being...errr...edited? Overseen by? whatever...R A Salvatore. The first book was pretty spiffy and I've been looking forward to these.

Temptation of Elminster: Another greenwood. I always feel so ambivalent about his books. His ideas are spiffy but a lot of his writing sucks ass. The action is jerky, the flow, almost non-existant, and it drives me bonkers. Still, he's the one who invented the world and only he can tell the story I guess.

Book Update:

FUCK. I just looked at the temptation of elminster and realized that I read the damn thing already. I'm almost certain I must own it since I haven't visited a library to get fiction in at least 7-8 years. Damnit. This just shows how much greenwood's stuff sucks. It's so crappy and bland that I couldn't even remember having read it.

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