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Return of the Asshat

Well, today was the sunday game and I was looking forward to it. After the irritation last week I was happy that elliot would not be there and we could get back to buisness. I even ended up arriving first thanks to a favorable parking situation and as I'm there chatting with sue, the person whose apartment we play at, who should walk in. Return of the choad. FUCK. God damnit. If anything this session was more horrible than the previous and I absolutely hate this guy, and I'm starting to develop a good deal of contempt for the DM too. His calls are arbitrary, nonsensical and he lets this giant schmuck run rampant through the adventure. This wanker plays a lawful good cleric who refuses to take a -4 penalty when shooting into melee so he keeps hitting player characters in the back.

At one point, Nick (another player who has now quit because he refuses to game with elliot anymore) and I decided we wanted to get through a door. We start hammering on it, bashing it, basically trying everything included using my stone horse to try to knock it down and the DM balks us at every turn. All of a sudden, every single wall/door/ceiling/floor whatever that leads us to where we want to go has been enchanted. This door, he claims, has a hardness rating of 30!!!! HOLY SHIT. To give you a level of comparrison, a wood door should be 5, a metal door 10, an adamantite door should be 20. This fucking door was 30!!! Fucking 30!!! When elliot and everyone else tries to get down later, all it took was a knock spell. A KNOCK SPELL! God am I pissed.

So anyway, nick and I just decided to say fuck it. It turns out he has a robe of useful things, one of which produces a 12' rowboat. We cut down the sail, made a small sale, set up a small mast on the rowboat, stocked up on supplies, lowered the boat over the side and our characters sailed/rowed away. Fuck them. Before we left we took the two iron doors that were also in his robe of useful things and bolted both hatches, trying to keep elliot locked belowdecks with the demon zombies or whatever. Bullshit.

I really like this Nick guy, john. I know we're pretty full as is but if we could somehow squeeze in one more person I'd really like that. I think he'd make a good addition to any group and so far he's had no luck. This crap with the wanker elliot is all he's managed to find and I can't stand by and subject any sentient being to this obnoxious fucker. I have litterally NEVER met any gamer I detest more than this guy.

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