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NWN Restarts

Welp, it was inevitable. The run through darken's NWN server got me interested in trying the single player game again. I tinkered for a bit and just started chaper one with a rogue. I'm thinking of making it a rogue/wizard 1/arcane archer. The sneakattack bonus mixed with the arcane archer is too sweet to pass up. It has to be worthwhile to trade some more fighter thaco and attacks per round in order to get something like 5d6 points of sneakattack damage every round.

So darkie, when do we play next?

So trip, any update on installing that new drive?

So everyone reading in chicago who hasn't gotten back to me yet, how is the date for games night that oatie and I came up with? Woo said she's in and I think that's the only person who's bothered to get back to me.

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