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God damn mother !#%^$@!^!#^!%@#!

Son of a bitch. I freaking HATE it when this happens. I was bidding on a ebay auction with a game set I really wanted. The game is wizard kings by columbia games and I found an auction that included the basic set and 6 of the 7 expansion armies. I picked it up for 78 dollars, around 30% off the retail price and was quite satisfied. I figured I could pick up the last army from the columbia games website and some of the expansion maps as well. Just as I'm going through all this someone lists another auction with the basic set plus ALL 7 expansion armies and ALL 4 sets of expansion maps. God am I pissed off. The truly obnoxious thing is that not only is this set sealed, I'm certain it'll go for less money than the set I purchased if I also had to add on buying the 7th army and maps seperately. !#^%!@^$!#%!!! @$#^!@^!@ AHHHHHHHH!!!! @$^@$^@^$!!! @$^%^@^%!!!! SO PISSED. AHHHH!!

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