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Bleh. I'm taking a day off.

Just don't feel like working today. I've been at the lab for 4 hours and change now and I've accomplished absolutely zero. The spiffy part is we went to dave and buster's last night and after blowing around 10 dollars, I managed to haul a kickball out of that giant stuffed animal pit with the giant grabby crane thing. The kickball kicks ass. I've always wanted one of these thing since I was a kid. It's around a foot in diameter, so it's a good sized one and I've been entertaining myself in the lab by bouncing it around and against things. Weeeee. There's nothing like that burnt rubber smell of a kickball. It really brings you back to your childhood. I still remember when the vice principal of my elementary school whipped one of them at my head and cracked me in the face with it. Ahhh...memories.

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