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Stupid canadians

Canada turns up heat on frozen pizza

Monday, May 17, 2004 Posted: 5:51 PM EDT (2151 GMT)

OTTAWA, Ontario (Reuters) -- Over the past few years Canada and the United States have argued about bilateral trade in such high-profile commodities as wheat, softwood lumber, cattle and hogs. Now it's frozen self-rising pizza.

Ottawa said on Monday it would slap provisional anti-dumping duties of 39.4 percent on imports of frozen self-rising pizzas made in, or exported from, the United States.

The duties -- imposed after a complaint by private Canadian firm McCain Foods -- will affect pizzas such as the "Delissio" brand made by U.S. food giant Kraft.

Canada's Border Services Agency, which imposed the temporary measure, said in a statement it would decide on Aug. 16 this year whether to make the penalty permanent.

Countries apply anti-dumping duties when they deem that goods are being sold at less than the selling prices in the exporter's domestic market or at unprofitable prices.

This is all because the leftist hippie fringe up there is trying to get people to stop eating normal food like frozen pizzas and instead have tofu and tomato sandwiches or whatever other atrocity stinky's stuffing into her piehole. Here we are, out of the goodness of our hearts at hearing about this food horror they're facing sending up all this wonderful frozen pizza and apparently cheaply too. Instead of being grateful, the socialists are trying to make it out to be something sinister and trying to stop it so their tofu fighters can continue to oppress the people. Dumping my ass. Most people would be overjoyed to have a company 'dump' frozen pizzas into their country. I'd personally love it. Maybe in return the whiney canadians can send over something useful in return instead of damn whiney and obnoxious pop stars. I'm still pissed off about alanis and celine.

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