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Time to slice the rat brains....

Well, I've put it off about as long as humanly possibly. Unless I can find some way to go faster than the speed of light and race around the planet over and over a la superman, I think it's finally time to bite the bullet. I don't like slicing rat brains. It's not an arduous task really...and once you get going it's really quite fast compared to other lab things you could be doing. The problem is the setup. It's just a pain in the ass going to get the dry ice and mounting all the little brains. Sometimes they snap off, your dry ice gets moisture infected until it's a giant block, and just when you think you're done, there are always more brains in the box. Slicing rat brains also leads to the inevitable of staining slides which if anything, is more obnoxious than the slicing. Sitting with a stop watch and moving trays of slides around every two minutes is hardly entertaining. Add to that the coverslipping with permount which leaves your fingers sticky for hours and reeking of lemon. Feh. I need to find myself a slave to do this sort of scutt work.

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