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Fucking morons

Student drinks lab chemical on a dare

Youth found bleeding from nose and mouth in hallway

Tuesday, May 18, 2004 Posted: 10:16 AM EDT (1416 GMT)

ODESSA, Texas (AP) -- A student who drank a chemical from his high school lab on a dare was recovering in a hospital, but not before a scare.

The student drank the unidentified chemical on a bet at the school, said Nancy Smith, a UMC supervisor.

"We need to find out what it was from the toxicologist," Assistant Principal Ray Lascano said. "All of those materials belonged to one of the chemistry labs."

The student was found last Wednesday in a school hallway, bleeding from the nose and mouth.

The unidentified student, a junior at Odessa High School, was upgraded Monday from critical to satisfactory condition at University Medical Center in Lubbock.

Lascano, who talked with the youth's mother Monday afternoon, said swelling in his throat had receded enough for him to talk. The student was moved from the Lubbock hospital's intensive-care unit to the pediatric unit, he said.

Lascano said Ector County Independent School District officials were still investigating.

They should have let this brainac die in the hallway as a signpost that stupidity has deadly consequences. I can't believe they actually took him to the hospital. What a buncha fucking morons. At the very least the parents should be flogged within an inch of their lives and then sterilized. I'm sure if someone actually looks into it we'll find they're brother and sister or something like that anyway.

Not that I'm feeling very charitable at the moment, but even at the best of times I think I would want to see this guy dead. At my current nadir I'd kick a nun to death for looking at me funny. Maybe they should nurse him back to health and then force another vial of whatever he drank down his throat. We can repeat the process until he's good for nothing but gibbering to himself in a pile of his own filth. Then we march in the kids to see him in a new scared straight sort of program. This is stupidity kids. See it, recognize it, destroy it.

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