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Damn LJ piece of crap

First I couldn't post the last entry and had to try 10 times or so, and now it's spawned multiple copies of what it said it couldn't post and it's telling me I can't delete them. Bleh. I'm sure it'll clear up later but it's still a pain in the ass.

There. All fixered. Maybe LJ should just do a purge of all the inactive crap every once and a while. That might help clean things up and speed things along.

How many users, and how many of those are active?

Total accounts: 3171504
... active in some way: 1638687
... that have ever updated: 2480173
... updating in last 30 days: 1153683
... updating in last 7 days: 756888
... updating in past 24 hours: 292198

I mean, good grief. 21.8% of people have never even made one single entry to their journal and only 36.4% of people manage to make one entry a month. Someone needs to scrap away the flotsom already.

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