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I'm thinking of buying a laminating machine on the spur of the moment. It came to me all of a sudden as I was sitting here. Just think of it! All the things you could encase in plastic. Ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat just thinking about how your documents or in my case, my game cards and sheets could get accidently rended during games night by a drunken tripinthehed or madkitty? How you wish you had one of those little laminating whozits that they have at the DMV but you don't and it cuts you to the quick.

Well that could all change now if I did own my own laminating machine. No more sleepless nights. No more anxiety over various knickknacks that will suffer the touch of time's cruel hand. I could start laminating everything! It would all be sealed away in its own protective case of plastic, something that those dirty hippies are always screaming won't biodegrade for thousands of years. My games would be safe forever behind that impenetrable shield of modern technology. Safe from dirt, safe from tearing, safe from the grubby hands of sissies who try to eat while playing my games. I'm giddy with the very thought of it.

Anyone want to help pay for it?

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