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Laminating update

So I called my sister to inquire as to her opinion on whether I should buy a laminator when joy oh joy, she told me they already have one back home! Oh rapture and joy unfurled. It seems that before my dad retired he looted his office of everything that wasn't nailed down, one item of which consisted of an industrial laminator. Spiffyness. It's one of those super jumbo ones that could laminate a puppy if you squished it flat enough. I've already requested that it be set aside and when I head back to jersey in late june, I'm bringing that sucker back with me. Then I'm going to laminate the town. If only I can manage to keep any damage to a minimum until I get the laminator here and can protect all my games.

Speaking of games, I just received another order a couple days ago. I picked up Diplomacy, Lunch Money, Lunch Money: Sticks and Stones, Ninja Burger, and the revised version of Axis and Allies. Spiffyness. I decided that gravey was right and that diplomacy would be a spiffy game to play for a games night. The fact that it's the one game I'm sure has the power to turn friends into bitter enemies just makes it all the more fitting. I'm a little worried about the time required to play due to the endless negotiations and also the learning curve factor. Still, it should be spiffy. Second, I'm probaly going to bring ninja burger. After all, who dosen't want to play a ninja delivering fast food? I figure the third will just be a consensus game depending on what everyone else wants.

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