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So it's almost another memorial day, a holiday that most people equate with a day off and BBQ than with its actual purpose. It's only the fact that the country's at war that brings reality into the consciousness of most americans. Almost 200,000 most young men and women are currently serving in iraq and afghanistan, putting their lives on the line it's not something we appreciate enough. I was watching a special on some cable news network at one of the incoming VA hospitals for soldiers injured in iraq. They showed many who had lost limbs or had otherwise suffered longterm dehabilitating injuries and I was amazed that without exception, none of them displayed any of the bitterness I'm sure I would be spewing in spades. In fact, most of them expressed a desire to return to iraq to rejoin their units if possible. I thought about how all of these nameless soldiers who receive so little attention when compared to a few whiney schmucks like Mr. AWOL (may he be gangraped for every day of his 1 year sentence) or the recent jackass who the dems found to be their mascott. It's easy to forget after seeing these few individuals plastered all over the airwaves and print and forget the nameless thousands who serve with honor, integrity, and more grace than I can imagine.

I really think it's time for a national draft again. Americans have forgotten what true sacrifice is, and as Jefferson said, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Now, we scream and whine if we have to pay 2 dollars a gallon for gas. I can only imagine what would happen if people were asked to make the sacrifices of people during world war II, or hell, even if they were asked to spend a few minutes a day being thankful for the freedoms that other people fough and died to provide them with. It's past time for some sort of mandatory national service. You never value something you don't pay for.

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