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Bitching and a Cartoon

So California is burning. Big whoop-de-doo. Not that sympathy is often my first response but even scrapping the bottom of the barrel it's hard to come up with anything this time. This may have something to do with the fact that every single bleeping house I see burning on tv is surrounded by forrest, pretty much in small isolated towns in the middle of nowhere. It also dosen't help that they keep describing them as 'multi-million dollar homes' in the news reports. These fucking morons brought this on themselves. This is what happens when you're feeling super-elitest and move out into the middle of nowhere so that you can hve more space. Well I hope they're choking on that space now. It offends the hell out of me that we spend so much money on firefighting and other resources all to defend these pretentious jackasses who have to build their mansions in the middle of nowhere. Fuck these people and I hope they burn with their homes.

Also, fuck the god damn environmentalists that caused this problem in the first place and continue to make it worse with their head-up-their-ass policy initiatives. It's because of them that wildfires were no longer allowed to burn, and then made worse when there was no compensatory pruning or thining. The forest fire is actually a helpful part of nature's cycle, before these idiots got to it and fucked it up. Fires clear underbrush, and because there's not much underbrush due to periodic fires there is not much burn temperature. Mature trees survive the fire and continue to grow while the fire thins things out. Some species of trees actually require fire in order to crack open their seeds so they can proprogate it was such a common and harmless phenomenom. After all these years of surpressing fires however the underbrush is thick as hell, increasing the fire's ferocity and temperature so that it now takes down EVERYTHING, mature trees and underbrush. Since it reaches the mature trees and burns them it reaches the upper branches and leaves and spreads from tree to tree that way which is why these god damn fires move so quickly now. The answer seems to me to be moving all these rich fuckers out for one and thinning these forests to try to restore the balance of nature and then allowing wild fires to run their course. If some of those arrogant california millionaires want to defend their personal home in the wilderness they can hire their own private fire company and shut the hell up already.

And now for the cartoon I promised in the title.


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