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Memorial Day

Welp, things went pretty spiffy. Due to the torential rains and tornados and assorted other crap that seems to hit the state like gangbusters lately, we moved the BBQ from richard's backyard to john's apartment. It seems both Anitra and Chauchau blew me off for the event. I will need to seek dark and terrible vengence for this slight. In the end, they weren't the only ones who didn't show up. Out of the gaming group, we were missing Luigi (he apparently had to work part of the day so we weren't sure he would show anyway), Otis (who apparently was off winning at his chess tournament), and Butch (we never did figure out what happened to him). Richard brought his two kids and it was a pretty spiffy day of odd cheeses, salami, crackers of all sorts, bratwurst, burgers, corn on the cob, and a lemon tart. Spiffyness. I ended up bringing a giant 10 pound can of fruit cocktail that we didn't end up eating. I guess it'll go into the almond jello.

Interesting notes:

1) John managed to again refer to his supposedly huge weenie. We finally had melissa go into the other room with him and check. She seemed pretty impressed but would only say it's definitely top 10 of what she's seen. Of course, that depends on how many melissa has seen, dosen't it? If we find out the number's in the hundred, that might be quite impressive indeed. Here's your chance ladies. I'm sure he'd love to trade pictures of naughty bits.

2) John has two new neighbors moving in. Both seem pretty all-american sorta guys and they stopped in for brats. I think they might be homos. Only time will tell.

3) I brought diplomacy and once again, left disapointed. It seems whenever I bring a game to these things, we never get around to playing them. It sucks.

4) The corn was superspiffy. I miss corn. Everytime I go to the supermarkets around here, what passes for corn is just pathetic. I just don't understand why the produce in jersey is so much better than it is here in chicago. You'd think just from a distance and location point of view that we'd have much fresher and better stock. I'm also waiting with much anticipation the first good watermelons of the year. It's almost enough to make summer bearable....almost.

5) Kids....what a pain.

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