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Games Night Recap

In attendance: Trip, Candie, Oat, Spooky, and myself.


4:45 - Leave apartment in the mistaken belief that the post office is open until 5pm on saturday. Attempt to mail packages. Fail miserably.

5:20 - Arrive at Oatmeal's place way early. Discover she's still out with trip and candie grocery shopping.

5:30 - Stop twiddling thumbs. Realize I forgot one of the games I wanted to bring and drove back to my apartment to get it.

6:20 - Arrive back at Oatmeal's. See spooky. Begin the great parking search.

6:30 - Loaf at oatmeal's. Candie prepares meal. Oatmeal helps. Trip, spooky, and I eat pistacchios and shoot the breeze.

7:30(?) - Dinner is served. Spiffyness. An authentic puerto rican meal. A roast, a rice dish, corn, and fruit salad.

Game #1: Killer Bunnies (Winner = ME!)

Game #2: Bang! (Winner = Trip and Me)

Game #3: Bang! (Winner = Spooky[It was spooky right? I think I zoned out for a bit there])

Game #4: Cities and Knights of Catan (Winner = ME!)

2:30(?) - Go home. Secure in the knowledged I womped ass at gamenight.

We need to come up with some sort of scorecard for games night so I can glory in my superiority each time. I also have to start bringing less games or we definitely have to start these things earlier in the day. We don't get through many games before it's early morning. We didn't get a chance to try diplomacy or lunch money. By the time we even started cities and knights, the yawning had already started. We should try to really figure out what everyone wants to play next time so I don't have to lug around what must be around 30 pounds of games and paraphenalia. Unless we get a quick games night in before the end of the month, I should have my laminator before the next one. It seems perdita is going to visit again and beefy has said that she'll be at the next games night with him. Should be interesting.

Sleepy now.

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