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Mmmmmm, jelly beans

At Reagan's boyhood home in Dixon, Ill., mourners left flowers, flags and packets of Jelly Belly jelly beans — his favorite — at the feet of a life-sized statue of Reagan in the front yard.

So I was reading some news stories when I ran across the above and it made me think of Trip, seeing as dixon is his hometown too. I think we should make trip go down there and snatch a bag of jelly beans for every chicago sissy. It's not like reagan will actually need them...I'm sure God has a jelly bean bowl with flavors we can't even imagine. I, on the otherhand, could really go for a handful of just normal jelly beans right about now.

How about it, trip? How long do you think it'd take for you to make the roundtrip? Remember the factor the time it'll take to lose the vengeful crowd that'll start chasing you once you snatch the candy.

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