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Sissy Game Night Pictures

So you've all seen the recap and now you can glory in the pictures that I took of games night. There aren't that many shots...just a few before we started playing and then a few more when we broke for dessert and break time.

Here's oatie watching candie cook with a critical eye. If she dosen't do it right then it's a failing grade for sure.

Here's spooky trying stuff his entire hand into his mouth? Welp, everyone needs a talent. I can roll my eyes into the back of my head till only the whites are showing.

MMMMMMMMM. Fruit salad. Yummy! The only thing I didn't like were the apples. Apples...yeck. They were a bit sour and I hate apple skin. The rest was all superspiffy though.

Ding! Ding! It's dinner time! Here's oaty helping herself to some of the fruit salad. You can also see the roast and corn which were also very spiffy. There's nothing like corn to remind you of summer. Well, that and watermelon, but we didn't have any watermelon, so corn.

Everyone digging in. You can see the corn was a big hit as everyone went for that.

Games, games, games. After playing for a while oaty brought out the dessert. Tarts! All sortsa different flavors and types. There was a key lime, a cheesecake, a chocolate, and a...err...I forget. Quite frankly, I couldn't identify which was which really anyway. I'm not really a big cakey sort of person when it's not a cupcake.

Candie and spooks standing around with baited breath, waiting for oaty to finish chopping the tarts into slices for easy consumption.

Trip surrounded by fairies drinking booze. Awww.

Spooks with the now sliced tarts.

Pumpkin the cat. Meeeeeow.

Max the cat. Taking over the game table.

Spooks serving everyone slices of the tarts.

The problem with being the one to take all the pictures is that you're never in any of them. I even thought about doing one of those timer shots but it was too much trouble to aim and size and none of you want to see more pictures of me anyway. So instead, I took a shot of my t-shirt. Look! Dragons!

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