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The problem with games nights

So it's a day or two after the day of games and you're sitting around and finally decide to restack everything back onto the shelf. You think to yourself how you're bored and how nice it would be to give settlers another whirl...or maybe this time try seafarers or starfarers. Then you're struck by the fact that it'll be weeks and weeks before you can get the chance. It sucks. Why can't life me like the days when you were a kid. If I wanted to play a game I'd simply go down the street or make a few phone calls and before I knew it I'd have a buncha people seated around a table and it'd be a gamefest. Now it's a tremendous chore to organize even a game of monopoly. Everyone has work or other commitments and it's a big deal to get everyone together. This might be the only reason to get married and breed your own batch of rugrats. They can't escape when you need to find someone to play games with.

"No! You cannot go to bed until we finish the game. Now roll the farging dice or I'm going to cut myself a switch and tan your hinney."

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