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Kingdom of Loathing

So I finally gave in and created a character. Well, actually I created multiple characters. I started 'henwy' as a seal clubber but realized that I didn't really want to play a fighter type. I'm sure it's nice to go around and just beat the snot out of things but I decided that wasn't what I really wanted. Since I couldn't find any way to delete the character I started a second 'henwee' as a sauceror. I have no farging clue what the difference is between any of these class types. The only thing I've done so far is run around and visit the hidden pantry. So which one of you loathers out there are going to send me all sorts of spiffy items I shouldn't have yet so I can kick greater ass? Don't speak up all at once now.

Edited to add:

dimentedpimento sent me toast! And he also serenaded me for a while which was kinda spiffy. I also found myself some pants and a hat. Woowoo. It's always spiffy when you manage to fill all your equipment slots with something, no matter how crappy.

chocodiablo refuses to meat farm for me. She sucks ass. Everyone should shun her and if geographically possible, beat the snot out of her.

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