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Pucca You

So I just remembered I had this box of...err, Pucca. I picked it up as a impulse buy while at a vietnamese grocery store a month or two ago. How can you not buy a box of something called pucca when you see it and it looks like weird goldfish. It would take someone with more impulse control than I possess. Not having opened the package, I'm not sure exactly what pucca is, but that is what the back panel of snack boxes are for.

WooT! As you can see Pucca are...well..they're goldfish shaped, 43mm across apparently, and filled with some brownish stuff. As you can tell from those king and queen..err..squid(?) people, a pucca seems to be very interesting. I'm a little worried that the mascott for pucca are squid-people though. I'm sure I'll eventually eat a few of these and the idea that the brownstuff might be squidpaste is sort of disconcerting. Who reads japanese?

Oh...and before I forget to mention it:

Oh, the wonders of meat. vala_amaris's generous donation of meat was a big help. I was able to learn all my saucery skills without having to go meat scrounging. I actually feel so meat rich that it actually irks me when I pick up meat on an adventure instead of stats. I also think I want to get a bloody-faced volleyball as a familiar because it provides stat gains. It might help me to level a bit faster.

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