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Well, I was chewing on a piece of jucyfruit gum (well, okay, it wasn't just a piece it was more like 3 pieces) after lunch and just twiddling my thumbs when all of a sudden *crunch*. Of course I was like, WTF? I kept chewing more slowly and again *crunch*. I pull my gum out of my mouth and try to figure out what the heck is in it that I'm crunching on. That's when I came to the realization that I had just lost a filling. FUCK! God damnit. I've never lost a filling before and now I have a hole in my tooth that I can't help constantly running my tongue over. It sucks bigtime. Add to that the fact that someone told me that fillings are only supposed to last 10 years. WTF?! I thought fillings lasted forever. Does this mean the rest of them are going to start falling out of my head any day now? I haven't been to a dentist in close to half a decade. Partly because I don't have dental coverage and partly because I fucking hate dentists. Add to that the fact that someone told me that it could cost up to 300 dollars to get a filling replaced. FUCK!!! 300 god damn dollars?!? How can someone fucking around inside your mouth for 15-20 minutes actually cost 300 dollars? It makes me want to get a bat, find the nearest dentists and beat the shit out of them.

On a sidenote, I was thinking that I should just fix this myself. a tube of rubber cement and a handmirror and I could just fill the hole up myself. Rubber cement isn't toxic, is it? God looks like I'm going to have to make an appointment to see the dentist. On the plus side, it should be interesting to see what falls into the hole and stays there. It'll be like those geologists taking core samples of the earth and finding all the layers to tell them of the past. I wonder if the dentist will be able to suck out a core sample and figure out what I'll be eating in the next two weeks. I should make him earn his money and before the appointment munch up an entire bag of cheese doodles on that side of my mouth and mash it into the hole. Since I'm paying a lump sum I should make him send 2-3 times the time digging out the cheese doodles.

Till then, I should give that rubber cement idea some more thought.

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