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The real problem with live journal....

Or any sort of blogging device, is that when things are going wrong, I can't find the time or energy to ramble on about it in this thing. I've had a mountain of things I could talk about recently, but I just can't seem to find the time nor inclination to do it. For one, to recap the story means to dwell on whatever piece of crap thing happened, and bafore I can deal with that, something else comes and knocks me over. There's just too much shit to deal with at the moment. The net sum of everything going on lately is that I'm feeling very twitchy. The sort of twitchy that you see in movies where right before someone giggles insanely and then runs out to find an axe to kill everyone around him. I just feel like I have very few emotional reserves at the moment. There's just been too much crud with the lab mixed with the little online wars I seem to be fighting, and all wrapped up in way too little sleep of late thanks to the still-missing part to the rat colony room. I have to pop in every morning to turn off the light and it's driving me nuts. I'm just dragging lately. I really need some time to catch up on my sleep and try to recover.

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