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Sissy Game Night 6/19/04

Farg. I juse realized that the filename for all the pictures I took at the game night is wrong. Well, not really did go past midnight so there is some truth to naming it 6/20, but it completely slipped my mind that I should have adjusted the date. What does this have to do with anything? Not a god damn thing, other then another example of when little small niggling crap gets under your skin for no good reason.

So game night started a bit late for me. It turns out that some sort of street festival was taking place right in oatmeal's neighborhood that day and if streets weren't blocked off, they were completely devoid of parking. It sucked mightily hard. The lack of sleep also wasn't helping me out much and as usually we ran until pretty late. In the end I arrived a hour late or so but still beat spooks and frig.

We ordered some food from california pizza kitchen and then it was on with the games.

We played:

A partial game of killer bunnies (Near the end of the game the food had just arrived and the incessant whining began that some people just HAD to eat or they would die. In case anyone cares (and I know you all do) I had the magic carrot and would no doubt have won the game in the end. I think they suspected my superior position in the game and the hunger thing was just a scam.

Chez Geek. Trip picked up the win here. We also got to use my new multicolored glass counters which was spiffy. I decided after the last time we tried this game and had to use little paper bits to keep track that it really needed counters. I picked up around 6-700 of different colors on ebay and then little velvet bags to keep all the different colors seperated. I'm sure everyone was quite impressed at my ingeniousness. I did however forget to bring the dice. One of these days I'll get my portable game kit finished and won't it be splended. I ordered a bunch of card cases, card boxes, and of course I'll have my laminator in another couple weeks.

Diplomacy. Woo had to leave before we started this one, which was kinda sad since it'd have been much better with 7 people. The game began without any of the complaints about the rules are too hard *whine* *whine* that I had been dreading. It became almost immediately aparent that we had a 3 vs 3 game going on. The boys (me, trip, and spooks) vs the girls (oat, candie, and frig). It was a ton of fun really.

Oat = England
Candie = France
Frig = Austria
Spooks = Russia
Trip = Germany
Me = Turkey

Frig and I spent the entire game basically fighting over greece. I managed to take it only to suffer a spooky backstab within a couple turns. Oats refused to negotiate after a while, and generally got womped. Candie was the the real menace and despite a slow start, trip really was on a roll when we were forced to end the game due to the hour. Apparently some people just can't go all night anymore. We definitely have to start earlier in the day from now on with the big games. It just never seems to work out right.

So, I assume if you've read through all that you feel like you deserve some sort of reward. Can't have all the bitter and none of the sweet, right? So on with the pictures:

Wooooo. Look at all the games. We didn't get aorund to playing bang, lunch money, or settlers (or as oatmeal calls it, the wood and sheep game) however.

Here's trip studying the california pizza kitchen menu intently, trying to decide what he wanted to eat.

Spooks looking on, trying to figure out what he wants to play first.

Here's oaty looking coquettish.

It's WooWoo. I'm still not sure how much fun she had at the Game night. It's a lot to take in when you haven't played any of games before. It should be better next time no that she's gotten her feet wet though.

Here's candie doing her cousin IT impersonation.

Here she is showing off her new hair coloring and cut. All we need here is one of those wind machines and a beach backdrop.

Woo with her pizza. Erm...I don't remember what she got.

Frig arrived very late....just in time for the food, which I don't think was a coincidence. I think he has a pretty simple sausage and pepperoni pizza or something like that.

I got the peeking duck pizza. It was pretty good, though the sauce was a little too salty IMO. As the night wore on I started wondering if they had checked that duck for asian bird flu since I started feeling like it was trying to peck its way out.

Oaty with her pizza. I have no clue what she got either. Actually, I have no clue what anyone ordered pizzawise. I just wasn't paying much attention at the time.

Candie with her pizza, fruit salad, salad and bread.

Trip with his....pasta. Can you believe it? We order food from california pizza kitchen and this schlub gets pasta. What kinda theme picture does that make it when everyone gets a shot with their pizza and he has pasta? Some people just can't play well with others. And yes, his shirt does say 'I fuck sheep'. I think he wore it to show his solidarity with mehi and her barnyard predilection.

We can all see that spooks liked his pizza. Just a simple pepperoni it seems.

Welp, that's about it. If you enjoyed the pictures and the captions, feel free to send me money.

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