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Things I purchased:

The Ubermug ($9):

A giant thermal mug the size of your head. It's the greatest thing ever. It's bigger than the biggest cup I've ever seen by a good deal. I absolutely love this thing

Origins Mugs ($10):

Ceramic'y cups/mugs that I picked up as souvineers. I got two of them and both had the origins logo on it.

Giant Metal Die d20 ($15):

A huge solid metal die, a burnished gold color. It's spiffy looking and rolls just fine. It should make for a nice display item or projectile missile weapon if necessary.

Origins Commemorative Dice Set ($10):

You can never have too many dice I guess. I'm not sure exactly why I picked this up other than it lookeed pretty spiffy and came in a metal tin, much like a giant altois thingie.

Origins Canvas Bag ($7):

Picked this up as a souviner, and to carry all the other crap I had purchasd on that frantic last day when I realized I needed things to bring back to pass around. I had been thinking origins t-shirts, but I waited too long. by the time I got around to it there was only 1 size yet, the 5X. I thought about getting one just for fun, but it's a little pricey to pay for a gag.

T-shirts ($46):

Here's where I really splurged....I mean, paying near $50 for a pair of t-shirt is insane. On the plus side, the shirts are both really spiffy and I likes them lots. I'm thinking of wearing one to the sissy game night on the 4th. I'll need to pop back to my apt to drop everything off anyway, so I can pick it up there.

Games ($17):

the only game I ended up buying was the killer bunnies orange expansion and a few promo cards. Nothing else really caught my fancy that I figured coudln't wait until I got back and ordered online for cheaper. I am planning to make anothr big game purchas in the next month or two. Quite a few things have come out recently that I'm interested in taking a look at. It should keep us going in game night games for another half year easy.

Things I got as swag:

Knights of the Dinner Table Origins '04 Special:

Spiffyness. Every person who got there on thursday or friday picked up an issue of this free in their little swag bag. I also managed to stumble across an entire box of issues on friday afternoon and ended up 'liberating' around 20 copies. Still the best gaming comic out there.

Ad&d Unearthed Arcana:

Sure, I don't really play 3rd edition ad&d but it's never stopped me from picking up a few hundred dollars worth of sourcebooks. I'm still harboring some hope that one of these days, trip, spooky and I will finally get a group going of some sort. The scheduling will be a complete pain in the ass but I think it would be worth the effort. Anyway, the unearthed arcana seems to be mostly a set of optional rules that allow you to tweak the various character classes to make what you want. I only flipped through it briefly and I didn't bring it with me to jersey so I only have a vague idea of what it's about.

Axis and Allies Pacific:

WOOT! This is what I'm happiest about. I picked up Axis and Allies Europe last year at gencon as swag and it looks like I've managed to pretty much complete the set. I just bought A&A revised recntly and the only one I'm missing now is A&A D-day. Of course, europe is still in its shrink wrap and has never been opened, and I don't see pacific getting any play time in the near future...but swag is swag. Ecspecially when it's expensive $50 swag.

Killer Bunnies Promo Cards:

I spent a good amount of my time trying to steal promo cards from the killer bunny booth. I would wander there at least a few times a day seeing if I could somehow purloin more from a stack they had avaliable, or get anothere passed out to me. The latter proved impossible since one guy was there 24-7 and since we chatted early on and I bought the orange booster from him, it was pretty much impossible to get more through when they were passing it out to the crowds. My attempts at outright theft were more successful. I managed to get into a demo and on my way out of the area, pocketed like 7 Hare E. Potter cards and 4 or so Lord of the Rings specialty bunny cards.

Ugly Dice:

I played a few RPG games by amorphous blob, a gaming group that runs events at conventions. They give out dice as rewards for roleplaying well or generally if you manage to amuse the DMs. I managed to not only pick up quite a few of the ugliest dice I have ever seen in my life due to this, but also won 2 out of 3 of my events, picking up minor prizes.

Wizards of the Coast Demo Games:

WotC, as usual, was demoing all of their newest games and for some were offering starter packs. I managed to get my hands on quite a few including the ones for the star wars trading card game, neopets, and duelmasters. Did you know there's a new GI-Joe trading card game out? Neither did I. I can't believe GI-Joe is 'in' again. Unfortunately, they didn't have any starter packs of that, but I did get to run through the demo version a few times. In addition, I picked up little pins for each of their games and snagged a miniature for the d&d miniatures line. I also got a duelmaster's cap, though it irks me that hat manufacturers never seem to take into consideration the trials and tribulations of the big headed when designing their products. Oh, and a WotC cup/mug thingie that I don't recall where I picked it up from.

Assorted other crap:

I basically roamed around picking up whatevr wasn't nailed to the ground. Quite a few promo cards to games I don't own, various knickknacks, and I won a dollar on some sort of, sign up for our mailing list and spin the wheel of prizes thing. I just missed the grand prize by 1 space.

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