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Last night in joisey

Welp, it's almost time to get back to the grind, God help me. Just thinking about the time crunch I'm going to drop myself into upon getting back to chicago is enough to make me want to puke. I'll have to finish running the batch of rats I left behind, start a new set, and finish writing a journal article that I've let lag for all this time. And all of this needs to be wrapped up before I leave for tucsan in 11 days or so. Bleh.

I will have some spiffy pictures to share...including one of a giant lobster sitting on top of some seafood resturant. I should also have my laminator which besides being heavy as sin, seems pretty spiffy and more than capable of what I need it for. I guess I should also do a write-up of my experience at origins, though I'm sure most of you either couldn't care less, nor will likely understand anything about it. It was a great experience howver, and I'm sure that I'm going to make it a yearly event from now on.

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