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The journey to origins

The first in a continuing picture series of crap I took photos of over the past week and a half. I assume most people won't give a damn but I took the stupid things, so I might as well make some sort of effort to display them. The trip lasted around 8 hours on the first day. I set out with Chauchau, a friend who just graduated from the U of C and used to work in the lab. We left around 11pm the night of the 23rd and then I drove from chicago to akron to drop her off at a friend's place, and then drove from there back west and south to columbus to make my first even at the convention.

So before we set out Chau and I spent some time at my place relaxing. Here she's getting attacked by my dragon which appears to be vigorously humping her leg.

Before we left I took the oppertunity to pick up a few items I needed, including a couple rolls of duct tape. We both found it quite amusing that I ended up buying 'duck' tape. I think chau is doing the international handsign for duck there.

A self-picture as we're about to head out taken from outside the car in front of my apt.

Before we had gone more than a couple hours, chau had to take a bathroom break. Here's the rest stop where we took a quick break.

Here she is trying to charge her laptop for a few vital minutes, trying to extend its battery life. We spent the first part of the trip down watching the princess bride on her laptop. Well, she spent it watching the movie, while I mostly listened with a few covert glances now and then when I was relatively sure we wouldn't become a smear on the road.

This machine kicks fucking ass. I had wanted to stop on the way back but I couldn't be sure exactly which reststop it was at and I was making fabulous time. Basically, for a quarter you push the button and the lights flash. Depending on where you stop the light, you can win either 1, 3, 5 or 10 gumballs. I wish I had one of these for my apartment.

Look! I won 3! Woowoo! I ended up dropping one in the car which was sad...but it managed to roll out into the backseat area 4 days later and I ate it anyway.

Poor chau. Only one. I also won a weird elephant thingie in the cranegrabby machine. You can see chau holding it right now.

So I got some takeout and we were back on the road again. I think this was a fish sandwich extra value meal.

Here's another reststop a few more hours down the line. Look, it's a comemorative plaque!

I don't even recall what the plaque said and I'm not going to zoom in to find out now. My head feels stuffy, my nose is runny, and I generally feel like crap.

It's a map of ohio at the same reststop. At this point I think we were 60-90 minutes from akron.

As we were nearing her friend's house, I saw a bunny on a lawn. I managed to snap a picture of it in what was near darkness. It's too bad I didn't have my BB gun with me.

Here's chau with her friend as she disembarks the vehicle. This left me free to continue on my origins journey, traveling another 2-3 hours to get to columbus. I was exhausted by the end but managed to make my first event. More on that later though....

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