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Sissy Poker Night 7/4/04

So I'm still working to catch up and I decided to go out of order this time and post the sissy poker night pictures first. I'm sure that many of you will be very disapointed but I only took 8 pictures that night. I never remembr to snag the camera for shots during the action and by the time I do remember it's usually too late. This time I was actually reminded but only when we were in the middle of the game and all the food had been cleared away.


I actually arrived late, having only arrived back in chicago at around 4:30 and not getting to my apartment until near 6. By the time I made it to oatmeal's place it was a little past 7 and frig and trip had already been hard at work on the roof grilling. I had two choices...either stay nice and cool and lazy with the girls down in the apartment or trek upstairs to the roof to slave away in the sun grilling. It wasn't really a hard choice. Eventually the came down with the makings of a wonderful feast...cheese burgers, brats, grilled corn, and added to the fruit salad, homemade baked beans, and potato salad, we were all set to go. As an added surprise/contest, frig and trip informed us they had dropped one of the burgers on the floor but wouldn't say which one it was. Whoever managed to find it and get a mouthful of dirt, grit, and glass would be the winner during the meal. There were also other grilling hijinx from what I hear, including the fact that they tried to give all of us parasites due to raw pork. The brats were bloody on a wee bit underdone on the inside, ranging from pink to bloody. It just adds for some extra zest as we see afterwards who comes down with food poisoning :P. To my knowledge, no one was afflicted this time.

After dinner we got down to buisness and broke out hte cards. I can't even being to guess how many hands of texas hold 'em we ended up playing....hundreds though. There was a 10 dollar buy-in and the game was on. I shoudl also mention we used the coolest cards ever thanks to candierain. Happy bunny! The first person to be eliminated was frig I think.....oatmeal might have gone first but she bought in another 10 dollars and trucked on. Candie got knocked out next and by then it was pretty late. She went off to nap until she heard the wooting and cheering that meant her man had cleaned up. At that point, with the prospect of winnings to take home, she perked back up and watched for a bit more. Oatmeal dropped next and with everyone else exhausted, it was down to trip and I. After running through another 30-50 hands of 2 man poker, we decided it just wasn't worth it. He had me so womped it wasn't even funny and at best I could force him to slowly bleed me to death. I ended up with 6 dollars worth of chips to his 54 dollars. At that point we just gave up on the winner take all idea, I got 6 dollars back and he swept the rest.

It was fun and all but kinda repetative once people started being knocked out and I'm not sure I could handle another full night of poker anytime soon. Maybe if we tried some draw poker or stud with wild cards...but I think trip might be a purest and balk at such sissy variants.

So again, I'm assuming you've slogged through my naration...the horrible price you have to pay to see the pictures. Who am I to disapoint or torture you any more.

Here's candie with the fruitsalad that she painstakingly sliced and diced. It was discovered too late that once you stuff all the parts into a pitcher, there's almost no way to actually mix the whole thing, nor was there an easy way to serve it. In the end it didn't matter though....with the poker game we forgot about all of it. It's a pity really....the fruit salad always kicks ass.

Here's frig staring with naked avarice at his early winnings. We were all joking with him that this meant he gets to eat this week. Of course he ended up washing out and leaving a couple hours later....I'll spare you and him in case he sees this the jokes and commnets we made then :P.

Trip the master playa shuffling the cards. AS much as he might try to deny it, he really had a table full of pidgeons to pluck that night. Oatmeal would go all in on a whim...and actually washed out going all in on a pair of 4's the first time if I recall correctly :P.

Here's oats relaxing and looking mahvalous with her blue drink and little umbrella. Candie offered me a shirlie temple which I ended up declining. I don't think I could live it down if I was caught drinking shirlie temples. Best to just stick with coke and sprite.

Trip raking in his giant winnings...yet again. I think that he led for most of the game other than an initial spurt by frig and a later rush by candie. I spent most of the game hovering right around my stake amount...never getting too high above it (5 dollars or so) and never dropping too far below it until the very end.

Poor frig. It looks like someone's going to have to notch his belt tighter this week.

Alright, this was farging god awful. This was a hand trip and I played where I went all in. I was CERTAIN I had his sorry ass and would finally move into the chip lead when he called me. I had the best hand possible, completing the straight with the 6 and with an Ace high. I was so pissed when he flipped over his cards and revealed the same darn thing. What are the frigging chances of that?

This is the 'after' picture of when oatmeal washed out for the second time. She seems surprisingly chipper for someone who just lost all her money to trip. I guess she realized it was for a good cause. Venders of booze and chicken wings need to live too.

Well that's it...I hope you enjoyed that. Again, feel free to send monetary support if you would like to see your photo subscription to sissy night continue.

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