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Chau's Farewell Dinner

So last night was Chau's little bon voyage dinner. She's been working in the lab since before I got there and just graduated this spring. For those of you LJ people who don't know Chau personally, you got to see her picture a few times in the origins thread. She drove down with me to visit her friend. Anyway, since it was her night, she got to pick the resturant and she selected Tuscany, an italian place a block away from wrigley field. So after a day of running rats, it was off to wrigleyvile for a night of fun with the lab people. I was pretty beat though...ever since I caught this cold I've just been exhausted no matter how much I seem to sleep. I really could use a few solid days of downtime to really push the last of it off, but that dosen't seem likely to happen.

So this is Anitra. One of the other grad students in the lab. She decided to come with me to the party, the other option being going with the other grad student who was also taking the lab manager and the PI. Heh, I guess she just wanted a more relaxed car ride up there. Maybe better company too though that's certainly debatable.

So here she is as we're heading for Tuscany on Clark. As you can see in the distance, some of the lab members have already made it there ahead of us and are waiting with baited breath for our arrival.

So from left to right....Stacy (who's not really in our lab. We share space with her lab which does sleep research. They're the ones who keep rats awake until they croak by putting them on a constantly spinning platform. Sure there are other thins they do but I thought that was the weirdest one.), Chau (the guest of honor at that night's feast), Christine (The new tech who also just graduated this spring and is pretty much Chau's replacement. I dunno much about her other than she plays soccer.), and of course you've already 'met' Anitra.

Stacy and Chau again.

Christine and Anitra.

So at this point I started thinking how I never have any pictures of myself...or so few compared to others because, well, it's my damn camera. So I set the thing down on one of those newspaper vending machines and fiddled around with the timer. Since it was pretty bright out and thus the flash didn't go off, it was hard for me to figure out if the picture had actually been taken. This was actually the second attempt and that 'what the hell?' look on stacy's face is because other pedestrians had noticed the camera and were detouring around and she couldn't figure out why.

Here we see Chau revealing her true nature. Christine is of course looking on in amusement. I can practically see a thought-bubble over her head. "What a weirdo!"

So the stragglers finally arrive. You can see half of jessica's head behind Chau. She's the newest graduate student refugee who's just arrived in the lab. She came from some more molecular lab where people spent all their days poking cells in dishes. Brrrr. To the right of stacy is Lorinda the lab manager who I imagine most of you have seen before in my pictures at one point or another. We have a love-hate sort of relationship based on the circumstance of our interaction. To her right is Paul, the PI of the lab.

So here's everyone seated at the label looking over the menus.

Here's Jessica raising her glass in a toast. For some reason I seem to only get bad pictures of her. I tried for quite a few but her smile in each one always looks weird or fake or whatever. This was one of the weird ones obviously.

Chau again. Hmmm, I didn't notice it at the time but jeez that's a bit too much makeup don't you think? I'm always trying to get her to say my favorite part of from Full Metal Jacket. "Sucky sucky solja boy! Me love you long time!" In this case she seems to have the makeup job for the part :P.

Me in a picture taken at arm's length. These never look good...though really, you have to consider the subject matter.

Jessica again. See? This is the more fakey looking version.

A picture of Anitra where I was taking at arm's length so I didn't see that I managed to catch myself and christine at the edges.

Another picture without half of me in it.

Oh, I forgot all about Rob. He's another tech in the lab and arrived on his own. I believe that's lori behind him taking another picture.

This picture of lori is hilarious. I'm not sure if it's her or the camera or the lighting but it look slike she's wearing white makeup like those mimes or japanese kabuki theatre. Very scary.

So they asked me if I wanted a salad...I said sure, salad sounds spiffy. They said there was a house salad and something incomprehensible that had mozarella in the name. It thought, hey! cheese in my salad. That should be spiffy. So I was kinda shocked when this thing arrived. I mean, what the fuck is this anyway? I was expecting a normal salad with just some chunks of cheese tossed in. This was just weird. It didn't help that raw tomatos is one of my more hated things. Still, it was the nicest raw tomato I think I've ever had....still not saying much though.

Jessica again...well, maybe I was wrong earlier. This one seems pretty spiffy. It's her with her entree. I didn't exactly catch the name of it but it's obviously pasta of some sort.

Here's rob with his green thingies. They're little potato whozits in a ravioli type dealie.

Anitra with her swordfish.

Here was my meal. Mmmmmm. I never remember all the names of the various cuts of meat but it was beefy and it had gorganzola smothered over it and it was yummy.

Here's a picture of me with my food.

I passed on dessert but rob picked up the dessert special. Some sort of berry tart with three scoops of sorbert. Looks nice eh? It looked so pretty that I was sort of regretful that I didn't get one. Just as well though.

So that was basically it. We ventured off to the goose island brewpup where everyone had a round. I passed, just like I passed on the wine at dinner. I waited a bit and then I made my exit. I had a tape with the season premier of stargate sg1 season 8 on tape at home and I was dead tired anyway. Apparently everyone else (Jessica left aroudn the same time I did and Anitra came with me) stayed out until past 2 am, and managed to call up a bunch of other friends and lab people to continue their bar crawl. I had rats to run in the morning though so even if I were a boozehound it wasn't something I could have done. Just as well. I hate bars and I didn't care for some of the people who apparently showed up later.

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