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Life, the Universe, and Everything

Sometimes I think that life is really a funny thing. It's as if the universe throws you a flukey curveball just to make you pay attention again. When I was on the plane a couple nights ago flying into chicago, I was thinking to myself as I looked out at all the patterns of lights on the ground below. Some bright, some dim, and all forming an intricate pattern. I started thinking how each light was a street lamp or home where thousands if not millions of people all went about their daily lives completely anonymous to me. Lived out their joys and their sorrows, each moving in tiny circles that likely only spread out to a few other of the lights below. You got the impression that the world was just a very distant and detached sort of place.

So what changed?

Well, I have a ton of things I needed to work on this weekend and a couple of friends were going to be heading up to the bristol rennisance faire. I was on the fence about whether to go with them and decided at the last minute to just bite the bullet. We treked up there and I'll describe most of what happened in a latter post (complete with pictures of course) but as I was walking down one of the streets someone stopped me. It took me a second but I recognized her too! It was the GM from one of the games I played at Origins!

She's the one on the left and basically ran the game I most enjoyed at the entire convention. I had just been telling one of my friends about it on the car ride up to the Renn faire that I was really looking forward to getting into another one of the games her group was running and poof, there she was. What are the chances? So we started chatting and I got to ask some of the questions about the game system that I was really interested in. It turns out she's also from chicago (boggles the mind dosen't it) and will be trucking on down to gencon just like my friends and I in a month or so. What are the odds that two people who meet at a game convention in ohio end up bumping into one another at a renn faire in wisconsin and then end up both being from chicago? One of the first things that popped into my head after I realized who she was, was a conversation I had with the guy who played vandersnooten at origins. We mentioned that both of us were going to be there and that we'd 'see you there'. I joked that I'm sure we'd run into one another since only 25,000 people or so attend gencon and we had a good chuckle about that. If those odds are slim, this one was near astronomical. Well, I gave her the address to my journal here so she could see the origins pictures I took, found out her name was Elise (and if you are in fact reading this and I've gotten the spelling wrong, feel free to correct me), and we passed some contact info. Richard was the one writing things down and it wasn't until long after that I realized he only included phone numbers. So on the offchance you actually do check out the journal, my email is and feel free to drop me a line. John, Richard, Melissa, and I get together quite often for gaming along with a few other friends and another person would be more than welcome. Plus, I'm always interested in learning more about past Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 (Yes, I had to actually look it up) games that have been run.

So for everyone else on my LJ friends list reading this, I thought it was an amazing coinkydink. It certainly boggled my mind. John argued that it wasn't all that amazing....I mean...geeks at a renn faire, who would have thunk it :P. It's still pretty unlikely an event IMO. I know when on our way back from the faire we stopped at a gas station conveinance store and I took a shot and bought myself one of those scratchoff lottery tickets. Zilch. I guess the universe got tired of throwing me unlikely results. Oh well, que sera, sera.

If you're waiting to see the renn faire pictures, I might just post that before the others I have backlogged. There's still the trip back to jersey, the one to tucson and now this. I wonder if I'll ever get all of this loaded, sized and captioned.

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