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The trip back to Joisey

So a while back I ventured back to jersey to visit the family for around a week and of course the digital camera came with me. I snapped photos of just about everything in sight, like normal, and I'm finally getting around to captioning some of these. Really though, as with most of my pictures I'm sure the audience of those who actually care is pretty tiny but if nothing else, this is a nice venue for my sisters to show the pictures to my mom/grandma. What's sorta scary is that the pictures I include in these entries are already pruned slightly from the mass of pictures I take.

Grand central station. I actually flew into laguardia for the first time in my life because the flight was so much cheaper than going to newark. I think I payed something like 110 dollars for a round trip ticket. The downside is I had to take a shuttle into the city and then the train down to joisey. It's the first time I think I've ever seen grand central station outside of movies and on tv. The times I've gone to NY it's usually to penn station because that's where NJ transit connects.

This is lucky the maltese. He's always looking scruffy. I sometimes think that if it weren't caustic we should just dip him in bleach and clean him up a bit.

This is porky the corgi. She's such a fat little sausage. We got porky, cutie, and puff all around the same time and they're starting to get a bit old, 10ish. Lucky's only 4 and a lot more spry.

This is my sister shelley petting lucky. He's basically her dog. He sleeps in her room and will always come when she calls or whistles.

This is cutie the peekingese. He's the most cat-like of all the dogs. He loves to just lounge on the most comfortable and elevated spot he can find, preferring windowsills if he can find them. He's just all soft and squishy.

This is my mom on the left and my grandma on the right. No doubt they're busy cooking up something yummy for me.

My cousin raymond and puff the pomeranian. Puff is my least favorite of all the dogs. He's yippee, jumpy, and he has breath that can stun insects at 3 feet. We think he recently became blind in one of his eyes but it dosen't seem to be bothering him much. He's still as lively as ever.

Cutie sitting on one of the doggie beds. His eyes are always the most reflective. It's almost impossibel to take a picture of him without having them glow. His tongue is also too big for his mouth. Oftentimes when he's sleepy you'll see just the tip of his tongue sticking out. I used to entertain myself by sticking it back in with a finger whenever I saw him sleeping.

Cutie and Lucky in the kitchen.

My dad watching tv.

Me at the chinese grocery store with my mom. I found a truly humungous box of pocky that I had to take a picture with. I didn't end up getting it...just thought it was sorta spiffy.

Another oddity I found in the store. Who dosen't love candy (I assume it's candy) in giant baby bottles?

And some of you have seen this already. It was in the buy 1 get 1 free box. I really regret not picking up one of's absolutely hilarious.

Lucky sitting in the car.

My mom at my grandmother's house.

Mom and grandma slicing up think it's a wheatgrass jello type of thing. It's pretty good but not nearly as sweet as normal jello.

Puff displaying his goodies.

So my other sister connie and her boyfriend jeff and I decided to go see the producers. This was the one picture I managed to snap in the theatre before some nazi usher with a flashlight started ranting.

Connie and Jeff.

Connie and I.

Everyone the day before I left going out for something to eat.

Waiting in the car just before we leave.

Mom and grandma at the costco where shelley works as a pharmacist.

Woot. I saw this from the car as we were driving past. Any resturant with a gigantic lobster on top of it HAS to be good. I'm going to make a note of going back there the next time I'm in jersey.

Grandma and my uncle charlie. He's my mom's older brother and runs the family resturant with my mom.

Me and my grandma.

Shelley and grandma.

Shelley being tired.

Cutie sitting on the windowsill as I'm getting ready to leave for the airport.

He's a picture of him as I'm dragging my luggage out to the car.

I hate farging pretzels on flights. Whatever happened to the good old days when we got peanuts. I hate pretzels. Now, not only did I get a pretzen, I got one shaped like a pagoda. Feh. Very annoyed.

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