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There are just times when it feels like the entire weight of the world is crushing down on you and you wish you could just step ouside of time for a while. It always reminds me of a old sitcom...I think it was called 'Out of this world' about a girl whose father was an alien and she had the power to stop time whenever she put her fingers together. I would give a lot to have the ability to open a timeless void whenever I needed it. A refuge of sorts where you could hide out in until you recovered from whatever catastrophe, pain or sorrow has come your way. Feeling bleh never lasts forever, but it certainly seems to when you're in the middle of it. All you want to do is curl up and forget the world around you.

I'm also feeling sorta lonely lately. I figure I know better than most people that loneliness is more a state of mind than anything else. There are plenty of times where I've been alone and not felt lonely, and it's not as if anything has changed in the number of people and friends around me nor the things I'm doing. I guess I'm just feeling a bit detached and run down. Maybe I should just create an imaginary friend for myself and see if that cheers me up. It always seems to work for little kids.

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