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Nothing bites more than....

Walking out to find that your car is not where you parked it. I've gotten my car towed in this damnable city three times now in the 5 years or so I've been here. Jesus christ...has it been half a decade already. I'm never going to get finished with this degree, I swear to God. Anyway, I walked out of the lab on friday and with a sinking feeling in my heart I realized that I had most likely just experienced tow #4. Not only was my car not where I left it, but workmen with wood chippers and crane whozits were bush cutting back the trees on the side of the street I had been parking on. Now of course there were no parking signs all over the damn place, but since I don't care how many times I pick up because I have out of state plates, I usually ignore warnings like that. I had no clue that it was going to be something serious this time. Usually the no parking signs are just for street cleaning and in all my years here I think I've seen exactly 2 street cleaners ever. We all know that it's just a scam for daley and his political slush fund machine.

Anyway, I was pretty sure my car had been towed and I walked home with a heavy heart. The last time this happened it had been an unmitigated nightmare. Since the car isn't in my name I had to have my dad fax a notoroized letter granting me permission to remove it from the impound lot and due to the inability to find a taxi, I spent around 6 hours at the place and almost the entire night. Once I made my way home I started calling impound lots and ran into the first major problem of the day....I don't know my own license plate number. I never got around to memorizing it and I wasn't able to get any information on my car without it. This led to a phonecall home and hours of headaches that followed as the entire family joined in a game of phonetag filled with angst and recrimination. Unpleasant. In the end it was discovered that my car was at none of the impound lots and no one seemed to have any clue where it had gone. A half dozen phonecalls latter it was discovered that they had moved the damn thing around 6 blocks north and a block west from where I parked it. What I didn't understand is how they expected anyone to be able to find their car given a situation like that. Do you have any clue how long it would take to search a six block radius on foot? I'd imagine most people would just report the thing stolen in a situation like that. A late night trek that involved bumping into all sorts of strange characters later (after this little walk, I've realized the next time I head out at night in hyde park I'm bringing my flail with me or something. It's a jungle out there) I managed to recover my car all safe and sound.

All's well that ends well I guess....

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