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Presidential Race Remains Close; No Convention Bounce

Bush slightly ahead among likely voters, Kerry among registered voters

by David W. Moore


PRINCETON, NJ -- A new CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey, conducted on Friday and Saturday following the Democratic Convention in Boston, finds that the presidential race remains close, with President George W. Bush receiving 50% support among likely voters, and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry 47%. Among the larger group of registered voters, Kerry leads 50% to 47%.

Compared with the last CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey conducted before the convention (July 19-21), this post-convention poll shows that among likely voters, Kerry's support is actually two points lower than it was pre-convention, while Bush's support is three points higher. Among registered voters, Kerry's support in the current poll is one point higher than it was pre-convention, while Bush's support is also higher, by two points (the percentage of undecideds dropped in both groups).

(More of the article here)

Poor Kerry. You could almost feel sorry for that horsefaced jackass. Even with all of the democrats coming together, putting aside their enmity for the time being, they still manage to lose ground. I think this is the first time in history where a political party has actually lost ground after its convention, and this from a gallop poll whose founder said a few months back that the race was Kerry's to lose. We just have to wait now and see how much of a bounce bush gets out of his convention. Everyone has said that the reason there was no bounce is because people are already committed to one camp or the other, or that they're paying attention so the convention dosen't provide new information, or a multitude of other reasons. If that is true, we should also see bush receive no bounce. If he does however....I figure that might just be the death knell for kerry. With the new terror alerts, I'm also curious if al queda will be stupid enough to attempt a strike in the US before the election. The closer any hypothetical strike gets to the election, the more likely it will cause a bush win. If those camel fucking towelheads actually want to manipulate the election in kerry's favor...they'll have to act soon.

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