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New Cell Phone

Weeeee. So after losing my cell phone at the conclusion of the tucson trip, I finally have a replacement. I called up at&t last week and inquired as to how much a replacement phone would cost. The model I had was listed on their site with a retail price of 169.99 and after a set of instant rebates, 49.99 but only if you signed up with a new contact. I figured the chances of me getting the latter price was nil seeing as I was less than half a year into my current contract and really wasn't looking forward to having to pay retail. The person I spoke to spent some time tapping on her computer only to tell me that the price for an identical replacement phone would run me 289.99! 'BULLSHIT! That's higher than your retail price listing!' was my immediate response. She refused to budge on the price however and after some heated bitching and complaining, I was informed that refurbuished phones were lots cheaper and I might be happier with one of them. On their website are displayed hundreds of phones of all varities...flip phones, camera phones, phones that have PDAs, etc...Total number of refurbished phones: 4. Of the two I asked her about the number avaliable: 1. It's always nice to have choices.

The good thing was it would only set me back 50 dollars and, I didn't find out till a bit later, increase the length of my contract by over a year and a half. Feh. Still, the phone arrived today and it seems to be pretty spiffy. It's a fliptop, which I prefer since it means I can't easily scratch up the screen, and my only criticism so far is it dosen't have a loud speaker option. So my phone's up and functioning again but I'll need to rebuild my phonebook. To make my life easier, if I previously had your number, or if you think I should have your number for some reason, do me a favor and drop me a line with it. You can comment it (if you don't mind running the risk that nutjobs will get ahold of it), IM it to me on yahoo (userid: henryhenwy), PM it to me on sissyfight, message it to me on kingdom of loathing (henwee), email it (henrychi @, or even call it to me I guess if you want to (773-294-2882).

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