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A nekkid love story

The play Frankie and Johnnie was pretty spiffy. I got to see Laurie Metcalf (Jackie from Roseanne) nekkid which is always neat. Not neat because it was her really, but it's always interesting when you can say that you saw some famous person nekkid. It makes for wonderful dinner party conversation starters. The problem with this was that the guy was even more nekkid and blatant about it than she was in the play. He basically spent a good 10 minutes or so prancing from one side of the stage to the other wiggling it about. I definitely didn't need to see that.

As I'm sure all of you have seen the movie know, (though I personally haven't) it's about a waitress and a short order cook at a dinner who have a one night stand. He is convinced he loves her and tries to prove that they were meant to be together while she resists. She thinks he's a bit crazy and he's one of those people who invades your personal space with his words and it seems she's spent a good chunk of her life walling off the world from herself emotionally. The net message of the story is that we complicate love and life too much. That it's our fear and our regrets that hold us back from making the connections with other people that we know are there. There's probaly quite a bit of truth to that, though I did spend a good chunk of the play wondering if maybe he really was crazy in this version and would end up stabbing her to death in some sort of noir twist. I think most people who have the other person tell them repeatedly that it's love, that they want to marry them, that they want to have kids with them, etc after a one night stand might think that insanity plays at least some part. So the message is be open to the wonders of life and the possibility of love. Frankly, I think that's just an open invitation to get kicked in the nuts, but if some of you out there feel like you can follow that advice, more power to you. Buy a cup while you're at it.

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