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Well, lets get the happy happy part of this over with first. I'm sure all of you have heard about the recovered garden gnomes in france who were kidnapped and finally returned. I thought it'd be nice to show a picture of all of them together, the ones who were never claimed by their owners. If you want to adopt a gnome, I'm sure they'd let you have one if you payed a nominal fee for postage.

As for the rest, I feel blech. It's partly because I'm tired and partly because it's a cyclical sort of thing. The truely sad thing is that the only person I have to whine and complain about anything to is me, and frankly, I've heard it all already and I wish I'd just shut up about it. Part of the problem is that i've never been a sharey sort of person and I don't even crack the door for best friends usually. It just gets ARGH after a while, like a geyser someone's put a cork in. I think I'll feel better after I go out and rip someone's throat out with my teeth and drink their blood.

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