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Can't sleep....Clown will eat me....

My schedule lately has been nutty. I'm dead exhausted by mid afternoon and can sleep until evening but then I'm up and nothing gets me to sleep until close to dawn. It's driving me insane. I figured that as long as I'm completely fucked with the sleeping, I might as well come to the lab and do something useful. I still have some data I need to enter and organize and there's a ton of rat brains to slice whenever I get around to it. I'm supposed to help out a fellow grad student with surgeries today and dosen't that sound like fun boys and girls.

Oh well, I guess I'll just chug along until I get exhausted enough that I fall asleep here in the office. I even brought a little thin coverlet sort of thingie with me this time. The last time I tried to sleep here (and frankly, I just flop down on the floor for the most part if chair sleeping isn't going well) I nearly froze to death. It felt like a concrete floor in the middle of winter below me. Feh.

So if anyone else out there is awake and bored and wants to keep me company as I do my data entry, just comment. I'm sure I'll see it eventually.

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