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Weeeeee, more games!

Yep, I bought more games. 14 of them if I remember correctly.....and another half dozen or so on which I'm waiting until after gencon to buy. So what did I get? (I'm sure you're all very anxious to discover)

1) Bang: I bought another deck so that when we end up playing it at games nights we don't have to keep shuffling the damn thing. I asked about the new exapsnion (dodge city) at the mayfair booth at origins and it seems it's still in the planning stages. The reps there couldn't even give me a ETA for it or even a guarentee it would come out at all.

2) Beer Money: Weeee. Another Lunch Money expansion when I haven't even had a chance to play the last one. I'll have to break this out at some point since it was one of the main inspirations for sissyfight.

3) Dungeoneer: This is some sorta two person card game that's d&desque. Apparently you get characters who kill monsters and pick up items, etc etc. I'm not sure exactly how it will work or if I'll ever really have a chance to play it but it seems like a nice way to pass the time if you have two people. At least, I'm hoping it is. There are a buncha expansions. I picked up the first and will get the next two when they come out for my next games order.

4) Chez Goth: Just like Chez Geek but with goths. I'm sure this one will be fun. This means I now have 3 standalone expansions for this line of games, none of which I've even tried. Maybe I should mix Grunt Greek and Goth together and see what sort of mishmash I come up with.

5) Deadwood: This is a Cheapass Game, which means it'll be a pretty barebones sorta thing. The reason I picked this up is that I heard good things about it and it has a lotta spiffy expansions. I love games with expansions. It's a sure hook to get me to buy them. Just look at that killer bunnies racket. I'll be buying expansion packs until they terminate the product line. Anyway, in deadwood you're playing actors who take jobs trying to become superstars. I picked up the musicals expansion among the others.

6) Chrononauts: This is an interesting game I played at origins really quick. The idea is you're a time traveler trying to change history to suit your goal. History has certain hitler's death or the bombing of pearl harbor or the great depression. You can alter these events and they have fluxuations throughout the timeline. You compete with other time travelers to get your goal completed first. The second game in this line is early american chrononauts which focuses specifically on american history which I picked up too.

7) Ticket to Ride: This is some game that's been receiving a heck of a lot of praise. It's a train game where you try to cross the country on rails. I'm not sure exactly how it works but I gather you get tickets or something and try to beat the other people to the other side using various different tracks and paths.

8) Once Upon a Time + Dark Tales: This is a game that I normally wouldn't have picked up....for one it's a party game more than anything else. Everyone is given cards with certain words on them. The goal is to tell a fairy tale which uses up all your words, like princess and magic sword, and witch, or whatever. You also have interrupt cards where you can take over the story from someone else if they say the word you're holding. Dark tales adds a more sinister bent to the game including words like torture and death I'd imagine. I've heard that this can be quite fun but you get out of it what you put into it and you have to be playing with the right people.

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