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Interesting rat facts....

I found out today at the lab that if you don't place the water bottle in a dual-housed rat cage for an extended period (by accident) and they get thirsty enough, one will actually eat the face of the other one trying to get moisture. How's that for spiffy unexpected outcomes. I always assumed that they would eat one another if you stopped feeding them, but who knew it worked with water too. I didn't get to see the aftermath though...apparently the one without a face croaked (kinda disapointing....I was wondering if there would actually be a faceless rat running around) and the other was put down. I'm not quite sure why the latter was put down. Maybe it's sorta like the death penalty but for rodents. Maybe it's because he's gotten a taste for blood now and you can't be sure he won't leap for your head and try to eat it the next time you go to experiment with him. Maybe it's just because the trauma made him unusuable.

As for me, I've been busy as heck hackup up my new batch of rats. The new dental cement we picked up dries completely clear. This means that now I can look at the top of my rat's head and actually see his skull! It's spiffy. You can see everything down there like it were a goldfish bowl. Screws, blood, the cannulae, etc. It should be useful to diagnose what exactly happens when the caps give way and the rats rip the tops of their heads off. Now I can see what's wrong with the thing before it comes off...well, that's the idea anyway.

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