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Feh, what a week...

Finally finished my surgeries today. A couple of the rats from yesterday croaked unexpectedly but when you're stabbing near the brain stem you can't really be sure what you're poking down there. They always have a tendancy to bite it after the VTA surgeries. Still, 2 out of 8 is a weeeee bit too high for comfort. Usually an acceptable death rate IMO is like 5-10%. Still, low n's, what can you do.

This weekend I have to work on getting a couple papers out of the way so I can go off to gencon with nothing on my plate. It's been a hell of a week with little sleep and general stress/exhaustion. I managed to sleep for something close to 12 hours between last night and today and I'm still tired. I've been waiting to hear from madkitty to figure out if we're going to see into the woods tommorrow. She hasn't gotten in touch with me at all about the tickets and I'm more than starting to worry. I also have don't contact info for anyone else who's going other than trip, and he had to bail because he forgot that this weekend was his mother's birthday. Eh...just too much to deal with right now. I just want to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week to come. I also have to do laundry this weekend just to add to the mess.

So tired....

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