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Back from gencon

Ooof, am I tired. I got back from indy yesterday after 4 days and 4 nights of fun, games, and sleep deprivation. It was a blast. I don't think I've ever had such a chock filled 4 days in my entire life. There was something planned every minute of the day. Until sunday, when I finally collapsed from exhaustion (which entailed sleeping for like 5-6 hours), I was averaging around 3 a night. It was slowly killing me, but it was a great way to go. Of course I have tons of pictures there, but I'm still backlogged with the pictures I took in arizona and that was weeks and weeks ago. I met a buncha people at gencon and made a few friends which was sort of a new experience for me. I don't usually connect with people I just meet, but it happened a few times this time around. I'll be dropping them a line in the next few days and I'm looking forward to hearing from them. One's from chicago that I've actually bumped into before at a boardgame meetup and the other is from...errr, I think he said virgina. It's going to take me days to sort all of this out. I never really finished sorting all the crud I picked up from the last trip out of town and this time I brought back infinitely more swag and souvineers. I also did the trip tally today and discovered that overally I spent around 800 dollars on this trip. Feh. Most of it was due to the hotel room that cost me 450 for 3 nights and then a night rooming with a friend that cost another 50ish. I had been hoping to find a roommate this time around but everyone who didn't have a room and expressed an interest to go ended up bailing on me. 150 dollars a night is a bit was wonderful being at a convention hotel...being able to roll out of bed and make it to an event in 10 minutes or so...but I don't think I can justify the cost next year. *sigh*

I wish there were one of these gencon level conventions every 4 months or so locally. It would be absolutely wonderful. Exhausting perhaps, but wonderful. I already can't wait for next year. I just really need a couple days of good and restful sleep to recover.

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