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Into the Woods Pictures

I'm sure a few of you might recall when I went to madkitty's play a week ago. I snapped a few pictures while there and at the cast wrap party which was spiffy. I finally had the pictures resized and uploaded so here it is:

Here's a picture of the set and stage by the end of the show. The "evil" female giant had just been slain and you can see her giant green hand. You can tell she's a girl because of her perfectly manicured and painted nails.

The show really was fabulous. I love into the woods and this was the best experience of the three times I've seen it now. The production was great and everything seemed very intimate and cozy. Being in the first row, there were times when a cast member would be belting out a song no more than 4-5 feet from me. Everyone was great in their roles and I had no complaints whatsoever. Even greater praise is the girl I went with, a fellow grad student from the lab, loved it too and she's far more of a theatre critic than I am. High praise indeed.

So here's kitty after the show when we went to meet her back stage looking hot like usual. This is proof that despite prior evidence to the contrary, I can somehow manage to take a picture of her that isn't hideous looking. We got to wander around their makeup/prep room which was interesting. I should have snapped a picture of this little arts and craft thing she received with miniature props from the musical but forgot. Maybe Kit can provide a picture of it. It was pretty spiffy.

So Kat invited us to the cast and crew's wrap party. It was the last night of the show and everyone was getting together to celebrate the end of what was a great production. We stopped off at a Jewel to pick up some booze for the party and I took the oppertunity to pick her up a small bouquet of flowers. I might be a heathen, but even I know that actresses are supposed to get flowers. Even better than flowers, we met this guy at the checkout line. I forgot who pointed out his tattoo to me but I was fasinated by it. I mean, was it corporate worship run amok? Was his life saved in some unlikely fashion by bread? Was it his favorite food? I immediately went up to him and asked if I could take a picture of his tattoo when trying to do it sureptitiously failed. I was informed by the Jewel people that pictures of any sort were not allowed in the store, no doubt they were worried I might accidently get a shot of rats running through the aisiles or pictures of maggot infested meat or something. So while I was waiting for the guy to finish his purchase so I could get my picture we struck up a conversation. He said he had a master's degree in some planty related field. At one point he turns to me and asks 'So where are you from? Hong kong or something?' which left me sorta flabagasted. Hong kong? It's not as if I walked up to him and said something like, 'me taka you pic-cha pease?'. The other people in line and in the area did seem to find my response of 'new jersey' entertaining though.

He also got around to telling me the wonderbread story. It appears that he grew up in a neighborhood where there were almost no other white kids and he would get the tar beat out of him regularly. He started to work out with a couple of friends at the gym until he buffed up a bit and apparently was able to beat off his attackers often enough that they left him alone. His friends took him out one night, got him toasted, told him 'you ain't white bread no more. You're wonder bread', and got him inked. Pretty spiffy.

So after leaving hte Jewel we went to the cast wrap party and all the girls in the cast and crew got together to take a pro-cubs picture.

Here's who I think everyone was in the cast. I could be completely wrong here. I've realised that I'm not very good at recognizing people from place to place when they change their clothing, hair and makeup. There were a couple I coudln't get at all but I'm sure that Kitty can fill in the holes.

Here's another shot of when they started doing champagne toasts. One thing I will mention is that this was a VERY short group of people it seemed. The men from the cast were all pretty tiny from what I saw. They seemed much taller on stage.

So that's it. I know I'm looking forward to the next musical that kitty gets herself involved in ecspecially if it ends in more comp tickets. Maybe she should let me pick her next audition or two if that's the case. There are definitely a few musicals I would love to see done.

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