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Gencon Quicky Recap

I only just realized, 2 years after the fact, that I never got around to writing this recap. Crap. I figured I should jot down some quick notes at least for what I do recall.

Giant batman whozit which would later assault me.

The batmobile.

More crap that the VS people have to spend their gobs of money on.

Errr, no clue. I was obviously in some sort of DnD like event.

And john was in on it with me? Errr...really no clue now.

John and Richard playing some sort of battle royale miniatures game in the middle of a town.

Pretty spiffy really until the guy told me how much it cost to build something like that. Trust me, you don't even want to know.

Me looking frazzled.

Ahh, well that's why I was frazzled. It was our early morning battletech game which sucked. Two guys who were supposed to be playing on the same side as us to get to some goal, turned around and shot at us. So we of course spent god only knows how long manuvering to go crush their pansy asses. They then quit in the middle of the game and say they had signed up for another event. Someone should have kicked both of their pansy asses.

No clue now which mech I was or anything. I think it was pretty gimpy.

Life-sized Devil Bunny Needs a Ham. Almost any game is better life-sized.

That's nate in the back on the right and Pedr on the right in front.

As I recall, my team came in second place by the slimest of margins. I don't even remember at this point if I was teamed with nate or pedr. I do know that this game sucks donkeyballs if you actually try to play it on paper. It chokes.

Star wars geeks.

Vampire geeks.

Melissa smooching batman.

I ended up running into the god damn batman thing with the cards fanned out. It acutally cut and bruised me up pretty good. I still have the bruise discoloration to this day on my shin.

Punching out the hulk.

Melissa is apparenrly allergic to fabric softner that hotels use. She forgot to bring her own sheets or whatever she brings to keep from touching the bedding and so had to borrow a pair of sweat pants from richard.

As you can see they were a mite large for her.

Damn things look liek they could sleep a family of four.

Butchie's little joke. What is this a picture of? The last thing a black man sees as he's thrown down a well.


I don't even have any clue what night this was, but by the fact we all look comatose, I'm guessing it must be at the least late friday.




Anonymous fairy girl

Ahh, this was right before killer breakfast. They were giving out little rub on tattoos and I decided, stupidily, to put one on my forehead and the proceeded to forget about it.

The killer breakfast line.

Sleepy friends in the damn killer breakfast line.

Man, whatever idiocy made me decide to wear the tie-dye?

John in his dominatrix outfit.

it became a tradition for us to get there early so we could be the first ones onstage.

Welcome to killer breakfast.

I think this was tracy giving the "safety lecture" before the event, basically a jokey way of telling everyone about killer breakfast before they went full video for it.

Here he's fixing Laura's microphone I believe.

Man, does he look like he's possessed by the devil or what? I have no clue what ws happening here...maybe my camera's red eye feature was acting up? Maybe he had pink eye? Either way, creepy.

Margret Weis

Tracy with his lightsaber of death

A shot of the crowd from me on stage. It's always been a big event.

Picture of Tracy's back while he's standing in front.

God only knows. I don't remember what any of our little schticks were that year. I know we didn't actually prep anything with props or bribes. It was just whatever little funny saying or gimmick we had thought up on the fly.

Waiting for death to come

Oh, I remember this. Richard basically attacked one of Nate's friends to 'kill' him for some reason. The guy was a bit of a dingus and had generally rubbed quite a lot of us the wrong way. I dunno what his in game excuse was but it became a sort of wrestling match that broke one of Laura's plastic golf clubs and got both of them killed.

Yep, here's richard getting the axe.

Man, I don't rmemeber what their schtick was, but it apparently kept them alive while John and I croaked.

Well, all good things must come to an end I guess.

Ahh, tracy has a new batch of victims.

Whoops, hold the phones. It's time for a musical interlude. I think that year was grease.

Laura shaking her groove thing.

Yep, here's tracy doing the 'go greased lightning, go' part.

More dancing.

Here's me in a BESM event where I played a little girl with titanic strength and a stuffed bunny rabbit named Mr Bun.

Poor Mr Bun. There were too many people in the farging game which led to a lot of down time for players. I entertained myself by rearranging Mr Bun's inside around.

I have no idea what the fuck this guy was trying to be.

Wee, it's the costume parade through the exhibit hall. Or as we all like to call it, freaks on parade.

Marchy marchy.

Who ya gunna call?

It woudln't be complete without more star wars fanatics.

That kid's costume is sorta spiffy.

Cardhala where they build towers out of CCGs and then you pay money to try to knock it down.

Pretty amazing really.

Here's elise who was obviously a very very naughty girl and is getting a flogging.

A clay sculpture dragon that they built during the convention.

A shot out the window of one of the hampster tubes.

An evil gnoll

I went and made myself a 'sword' at one of the foam weapon workshops and was prepared to do battle.

Dunno. Some sort of advertisement for some game I'dimagine.

Look! It's pikachu!

Awww, I choose you!
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