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We love Poot!

Welp, since it didn't seem like many people really wanted to see the gencon pictures I dunno if I'm going to bother captioning the rest. It just takes too long with no real good end. Maybe the next time I'm bored and have a few hours to kill or something. God knows I still have those tuscon pictures somewhere and I'm sure that even fewer people care about them.

That aside, it's always nice when it's a Poot day. I've never had two consecutive Poot weeks before and I'm giddy with the thought of it. For the uninitiated, Poot stands for Paul Out Of Town, paul being my advisor. It's one of those while the cat's away sort of situations. Still, it's not like I can just vanish for two weeks and go off loafing and vacationing or something. I still have rats to run (at least until thursday) and there are still things to do. It just means that I can more or less come and go as I please as long as I get whatever I need to do, done. It's a level of freedom that I've seen in other labs but not in ours. Not that I punch a strict clock even when it's not a Poot day but there's no real comparrison.

On another note, I broke out the lamenating machine I brought back from jersey a couple nights ago at around 3am. I went on a lamenating spree and despite some problems with the machine, I managed to lamenate almost all the instruction books for my various card games. I also received a package of card boxes that I've been waiting for so I can finally store all the various games in orderly piles without constantly having to take them out of and put back into their original boxes. Spiffyness. I'm looking forward to showing it all off at the next games night...which should be this sunday if I recall correctly. Should be lotsa fun.

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