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Onward and upward

Welp, despite the evil perfidy of trip, it looks like game night will go on. He decided to dump us because his mommy was in town. I told him that he should bring her by to meet the gang or that he could always slip out after she had gone to bed but no go :P. So it looks like it's going to be a slightly truncated group for what might be the last game night of the year.

So should I wear my new killer bunnies shirt or the domo-kun shirt? I know that what I amg oing to bring is my giant foam 'w' hand. I can wave it around when it's someone else's turns and chant 'Four More Years!' as a distraction.

The republican national convention also just wrapped up and man it was fabulous. I've never watched so much of a convention in my life and it was great. Everything from the start with McCain all the way to the end. Well, I will admit I didn't actually watch GW's speech. I avoided it on purpose. Ever since the first presidential campaign that I got interested in (the oriignal HW campaign) I've never been able to watch the important speeches by my canndidate. I'm always worried something will go horribly wrong and by now it's just a custom. I'm afriad if I watch it I'll jinx the whole thing. If bush's speech was half as good as those who came before him though, it should be more than enough. I'm still amazed that not only did bush have koch, a renowned democrat pulling for him, but zell miller was fabulous. I don't recall see any repubs standing up to be coutned with kerry :) and who can blame them. No one wants to bet on the losing horse.

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