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Blah! I've come to suck your blood

Gah. Give me a couple days off in a row where I know I won't need to go to the lab and I immediately turn into a vampire. I only just crawled my way out of bed less than a hour ago. Partly it's because I'm getting to sleep much latter, usually not till near dawn, but even with that taken into account I'm knocking back 12 hours or so of unconsciousness a day over the past few days. I like to think of it as a chance to recharge my batteries but it is sorta creepy to wake up and see prime-time tv on and have to turn on all the lights.

I had been planning to get myself down to the asian food market near chinatown today. I've been wanting to pick up some more of these fried sticky rice whozits with some shredded pork in the middle. THat and I've been on a thousand year old egg kick too and I'm out again. I also promised to bring a couple into the lab to freak out the non-asians. So instead of munching on sticky rice whozits, I decided to order pizza. It was the easiest thing to do and I figure I can always try to tweak my sleep cycle a little and see if I can make it down to chinatown before the games night tommorrow. Maybe I can pick up one of those spongecake rolls as a dessert or something.

Crap...that reminds me. I'll also need to stop by the lab and get my giant foam 'W' hand. I guess I should also sort out exactly what I'm bringing over to oat's place gamewise just in case my sleep cycle alteration attempt fails and I need to scramble out of here. Hmmm, there's only going to be 5 of us so none of the big games.

1) Once Upon a Time: Really looking forward to this. I think Woo and Kitty might ecspecially like it but we'll see. It's a storytelling game of sorts and should be lotsa fun with the whacky characters we'll have showing up.

2) Killer Bunnies: I've picked up two new expansions since we last played. I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to this one.

3) Seafarers of Catan: Oats always talks about wanting to play the wood/sheep game. It's funny but I've been sort of working the group through all the various expansions, one play a pop. We already did settlers and cities and knights with seafarers, starfarers and stone age next. I just picked up the last one in my most recent game order so I'm sure it'll arrive in plenty of time before we actually get to it in line.

Really, that should be enough and I'm not sure we'd get through any more than that quite frankly, but I always bring extra games just to be sure.

4) Bang: Nice, simple, and everyone know show to play

5) Chez Goth/Grunt/Greek: This should be easy since they know the rules already but haven't seen those particular decks.

6) Lunch Money: We never got around to this the other times I brought it but sissyfight was an omage to lunch money, so it's past due we gave it a run through.

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