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God damnit....well, it could be worse

So I was fiddling around on my computer last night and I was thinking I would go to bed soon. I still had turns on KoL left but the lag was heavy and chocodiablo had just gone to bed herself and it made me feel sleepy. The last few nights I had been reading before bed but I thought it would be nice to listen to an audiobook. I decided on David Eddings' Elenium and loaded up winamp, searching for the files on another drive. All of a sudden everything locked up and went kaput. I tried a few more times but every time I tried to access the drive the whole thing would lock on me and all I could do was kill the program from the task manager.

I thought, well, maybe it's about time I restarted the computer anyway. Maybe it's some issue with too little resouces or some other garbage that will fix itself when I reset. So I restarted the thing...

*rumble* *groaning* *whirling* and assorted computer bootup noises. Then across the screen:



OMG! My emails! My photos!!! Everything on my fucking main drive!!!!!

I went into panic mode, scrambling around looking for a windows boot disk, and eventually took the whole machine and cracked it open. I'm not sure what I expected to find in was certainly never going to be something as simple as a wire had fallen out or something but I looked anyway. All I did find was a ton of dust and everything else where it should have been. I removed the main drive and set one of the secondary drives to master. Unable to find a boot or windows cd, I decide to go to bed and spend a restless night.

This morning I started searching again and found my windows cd. I figured, sure, I had lost everything of value I had on the computer in the way of irreplaceables but at least I could get the damn thing running again and try to clean up the mess. I load the windows cd, I begin my installation of the operating system, then:



To make a long story short, I take the hard drives to the lab where I crack open one of the computers, plug in my main drive from home, and it works.

Son of a bitch. It actually worked.

Now of course I don't have any clue what the fuck is wrong with my computer. I haven't listed the second drive yet since quite frankly, I'm afraid to remove the first one from the lab computer. I can't access all the files because I don't have admin login and until I get my files off of that fucker I'm not moving it. Certainly something is fucked with my computer at home but I'm just happy that at least this harddrive with its info was saved. I'll have to wait until tommorrow until I can have Jesse, the system support guy, come down and let me get the files off and backed up.

Still, it means that for the time being I'll have zilch internet access unless I'm at the lab. If you need to reach me for any reason, call my cell phone since it's no longer certain that email or PMs will be quicker.

If you need my cell # and don't have it, comment and I'll send it to you.

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